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The best way to understand Zezame and our services is to read answers to frequently asked questions:

What is VPN and what is dVPN

VPN stands for a virtual private network that is used to add an extra layer of protection to your Wifi and Internet connection and to change your IP address in order to gain access restricted in your geographic location. Traditional VPN  providers are private companies that own their own servers and provide VPN software or hardware that has limitations. One of the biggest limitations is that traditional VPN providers are point-to-point, which means less security and limited access to its users. Due to the limited amount of IP addresses and servers that VPN’s have, content providers and governments are able to trace an block access, and due to low encryption methods, not all devices at a time can be protected.

dVPN stands for decentralized virtual private network where people are VPN providers for each other.

How to setup a VPN service Zezame Open access?

It is easy to start using Zezame Open Access. Just download the ZAO Gateway app (if you want to be a Host and sell services) and a ZOA Client app ( if you want to be a Guest and purchase services ) to your phone from your app store, Set up your profile, post your offer (if you are a Host), purchase ZZZ tokens (if you are a Guest), Sign smart contracts and start using Zezame Open access service! For more information, please visit HOW IT WORKS page (link).

What is my IP address and how is it possible to change it?

Like every property comes with an address of the location, every Internet connection comes with an IP address that determines the location of the user and what he or she can and cannot access according to local regulations. You can change it by using VPN services or dVPn services such as Zezame.

What is bandwidth and how can I sell it?

Internet bandwidth is just like the size of the apartment. Like square meters that determine how many people can live in the apartment, bandwidth determines how much data can pass per second through your IP address. You can sell your unused bandwidth through Zezame software. Learn more in How it works page (link)

Is it secure to share and change an IP address through Zezame?

By using blockchain multi-layered encryption technologies, Zezame has been able to provide the safest environment to share and change IP adresses.

Due to constantly changing and shared IP addresses and Internet providers ( operating as nodes in a decentralized network), it is almost impossible to detect and block access.

Single encrypted connections from the ISP’s network to (residential) IP addresses are much harder to detect and block.

In which countries do you operate?


Is cryptocurrency that Zezame uses stable?

How does blockchain work for Zezame?

How can I protect myself from Guests who might use my IP address for illegal practices?

The host can set access for specific hours, bandwidth, the maximum number of guests and adjust settings such as price or ‘end-point’ vs. ‘node’ setting. 

If the host chooses to offer his or her WiFi as an end point the guests will be using the host’s IP address. In some countries, this may make the host liable for activities on the network. In that case, it is recommended to setup the host WiFi network as a node that passes the data onwards to a VPN node. This removes traceability and thereby liability for the host.

Hosts will be setting up their hosting solution as an intermediary node for all traffic except supported video streaming related services. All incoming internet traffic will be forwarded to a VPN server. In some jurisdictions, this is needed to avoid any liability to be a host and have others’ use their IP address.

The guest also may enjoy using an intermediary host node solution as it provides an additional layer of privacy and security. Accessing an intermediary host node and then being forwarded to a public VPN server, makes it less likely to get detected by third parties in comparison to a direct connection to a VPN server. At the same time, the host has no access to the traffic.

How to create an app on top of Zezame architecture and what is dApp?

How is VPN solution by Zezame better than its competitors?

Other companies are trying to set up peer-to-peer VPN services as well, however, their software has flaws in protecting the host from bad intentions with guests.

Zezame’s MVP already creates a “digital’ wall between the host’s traffic and the guest’s traffic. In addition, Zezame Guests and Hosts can customize and control more via  Zezame than via the competition.

In addition, Zezame takes less commission from Hosts and Guests.

How to unlock Netflix content that is unavailable in your location?

Is your mobile app available on my phone?

Zezame apps will be available on all major platforms: Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, as well as, on hardware devices such as Keezel, (openWRT) routers, NAS.

Will there be enough of Hosts nearby to accommodate everyone’s needs?

How do I set the price of my IP address and bandwidth as a Host? On what criteria should it depend to be fair?

node vs end point would be the main pricing criteria.

How can I help your project?

Beta testing?

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Spreading the word?

dApp is you are a developer?