4 Billion New Minds on the Internet: Meet Nouran


The Internet population is growing. 4 Billion new Internet users will connect for the first time in the next 8 years. The Internet was meant to open up dialogue, foster new ideas and provide access to information. Online censorship and restrictions imposed by governments and content providers have put Net Neutrality under threat. People no longer have equal access to … Read More

Decentralizing the Internet for the Next 4 Billion Minds

Decentralized internet for the next 4 Billion Minds

Next year, in 2019, the Internet will celebrate it’s 26th birthday. For the first time in history, the majority of Earth’s population will be connected online. By 2023, when the Web will be 30 years, 4 Billion New Minds will have joined the Internet. These two milestones provide a historic opportunity to return the Internet to its original vision, as … Read More