Secure access to all content, wherever you are.

With our Pre-Alpha Apps for Android (our first products in our journey towards a dVPN).

Download your preferred app for free below.

Zezame Unblock

'Zezame Unblock' is a simple-to-use VPN app that unblocks services that are commonly blocked. 

By enabling the unblock mode many restricted websites and apps will become available.


Zezame Travel

'Zezame Travel' allows you to view content restricted to specific countries.

The app allows you to select the country you wish to connect to, and you will be able to view the geo-restricted content.


Zezame Protect

'Zezame Protect' is a simple-to-use privacy centric VPN app. 

Enabling the security mode in the app will encrypt your connection, shielding you from people trying to snoop in on your connection.