About Zezame

Open Zezame, Open the Internet.

Join our mission to create an open, equal, private and secure internet for everyone, anywhere in the world.

The Problem Zezame is solving

People are being denied equal access to the Internet which in turn deprives them of valuable information. Lack of network neutrality, firewalls and government restrictions make it difficult for people in most countries to have unrestricted access to information and communication. In a world where information increasingly means power, this is a very hazardous situation.

Our Mission

Chained by contracts from a different era, content providers are limiting access to video content and informational resources for certain regions, ignoring global mobility of their customers and global demand for their services. Overzealous content providers and governments are imposing geo-restrictions. Therefore, users do not have the same access to information in different countries. For many people around the globe who want to participate in the cultural dialogue around hit TV shows, piracy (and associated risks of malware infections) is currently the only viable solution as VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are increasingly being blocked.

Fortunately, the shift of power from big governments and large corporations to citizens is currently underway. New technologies are relentlessly disrupting existing structures and creating a possibility of new, autonomous and decentralized network. Facilitated by blockchain technology, we can create a system where both the power and the profits are shared.

Where we are going.

Founded in 2018 in the Netherlands, we are on a journey to #opentheinternet.

  • SUMMER 2018

    Zezame was founded by a team of cybersecurity and strategy experts. Zezame obtained it’s first customer, Keezel (a cybersecurity hardware startup in Amsterdam)

  • WINTER 2018

    Beta VPN app ready based on Keezel technology. Android only.


    Private Alpha 1 Keezel based Host service + Apps for Android & iOS Payment Module TEST Blockchain

  • AUTUMN 2019

    Public Alpha 1 Keezel & Software based Host service + Apps for Android & iOS Payment Module TEST Blockchain

  • WINTER 2019

    Public Beta Keezel & Software based Host service + Apps for Android, iOS, Windows, OSX, Linux Payment Module Live Blockchain

  • 2020

    dVPN platform live build on Blockchain technology, open infrastructure for dApp developers, fully autonomous, operated by the community, facilitated by token payments

Meet the team fighting for an Open Internet.

Zezame was founded in 2018 in the Netherlands by a team of cybersecurity, enterprise, and marketing professionals who are passionate about creating an Open Internet for everyone.


Nienke Budde CEO, Co-Founder

Background in strategy consulting & telco, degrees from INSEAD, Harvard & Stanford

Mentor Palokaj CTO, Co-Founder

VPN veteran, tech wizard


Chiel Muurling CMO, Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur with vast Telco experience

Katherine Dedukh Content Manager

Media, PR and communications specialist

Shota Bauer Growth Marketing

Growth Hacker & E-Commerce Specialist


Susanne Kaiser Tech Consultant

Roman Zaporozhets Software developer